The DICEA Department Library was created following the merger of DITS, Department of Hydraulics, Transport and Roads, and DAU, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.
It is divided into 6 sections situated in separate locations, that are all inside the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering in San Pietro in Vincoli. 4 of these 6 sections have the consultation room and the enclosed service point.
The bibliographic heritage possessed, that’s in the catalogue of SEBINA, National Library Service, mainly refers to the disciplines of technical architecture, hydraulic constructions, applied geology, hydraulics, health engineering, roads, transport, topography and urban planning.
The Library as part of the SBS co-ordination activity (Sapienza Library Service), participates in the purchase of electronic periodicals accessible from the University's website, published by the American Geophysical Union AGU, the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE and Taylor & Francis. (*)

The Dicea Library, on the basis of the allocated economic resources, annually subscribes to periodicals and purchases monographs to support the research activity done by the faculty members of the department.
Moreover it supports users, especially students, to find information and educational materials or other specific interest of study, organizing meetings, with the other libraries of the Faculty, in which it illustrates the resources of the SBS website and how to do the research.

(*) to have the list of journals in consortium click on --->electronic periodicals ---> access for publisher platform , choose publisher, in the case ASCE or Taylor & Francis
As for the AGU periodicals, remember you that the publisher is Wiley, so it is preferable to choose the title search criterion, for example Reviews of Geophysics or Journal of Geophysical Research - B Solid earth

Opening hours library

    Consultation and loan services end at 17.00. Please note that for users who are not associated whit the Dicea Library the loan ends at 13.30.


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