Information Services

DICEA Information Services are part of the department's general services.

They have the task of acquiring, organizing and managing common IT resources and providing IT support to all structures of the Department.

Compatible with the available resources, they promote, organize and manage projects for the renewal and expansion of IT resources and services, while coordinating and integrating new IT systems useful for the achievement of the Department's own goals.

HW / SW Technical Assistance and Classrooms

Contact person Claudio Nardi

  • Hardware and software assistance on inventoried IT devices.
  • Management and maintenance of computer labs.
  • Software acquisition and distribution.
  • Computer hardware's acquisition advice.
  • Conduct of basic computer science seminars.


Informatic Systems

Contact Person Francesco Furia

  • Analysis, development and management of IT systems:
  • Wired and wireless network infrastructure.
  • Server systems.
  • Database and user management.
  • Institutional websites.
  • Web-Apps development.

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